Cablewrap Brooms, Tube Brooms, Strip Brooms, Wafer Brooms, and Gutter Brooms

Being a broom manufacturer for over 60 years, Zarnoth Brush understands the importance of superior performance and long life for both your main broom and gutter broom. We stand behind our products and offer full satisfaction.  No matter which broom style you use, we have a top quality broom for you.

Main Brooms

Your municipal or contract sweeper has one of the following four styles of brooms (click on a broom title for more detail):

Cablewrap Broom

Strip Broom

Tube Broom

Wafer Broom

  • Cablewrap Broom - Your "green" option. Available in all poly and a choice of density. Broom is refilled. No waste. Check out the advantages of a cablewrap broom.
  • Strip Broom - available in poly or combination poly/wire bristles. This is a set of continuous filament strips. Easy to store.
  • Tube Broom - available in all poly or combination poly/wire bristles with a choice of density.
  • Wafer Broom - available in all poly, combination poly/wire, or all wire bristles with a choice of density.

Fits all models of sweepers:

Elgin Tymco Schwarze
Allianz Johnston Athey-Mobil
Murphy Sunvac VacAll
Broom Bear Centurion Wittke
Sweeprite Challenger Gladiator
Global Other Sweepers  

Gutter Brooms

What makes a durable gutter broom?

  • Quality of wire
  • Number of wire strands
  • Even, balanced fill

Our gutter brooms are hand-made in our Chilton, Wisconsin, plant to your specifications.

We can assure you that with your Zarnoth Gutter Broom...

  • You will get the strongest, longest-lasting wire on the market
  • Your wire will not bend over and stay bent, but will spring back
  • Less wire breakage
  • You can order the strand count that works best for your sweeping and your budget
  • Your broom will wear evenly
  • You will have less vibration - easier on the wear of other parts

To have a quality gutter broom, you must start with hardened, spring steel wire. Next fill each broom evenly. With Zarnoth, you will not see more than a 1-2 strand variance from tuft to tuft. You have control over how much you want to spend and the weight of broom to get the job done. We can help you with that.

  • Individually boxed or bulk boxed
  • High impact plastic block or wood block
  • Bolt-on gutter brooms: 1 piece, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7 segment
  • Snap-on gutter brooms: 8, 10, 11, or 12 segment

Poly or poly/wire filled gutter brooms also available.

Elgin Tymco Schwarze
Allianz Johnston Athey-Mobil
Murphy Sunvac VacAll
Broom Bear Centurion Wittke
Sweeprite Nite-Hawk Stewart-Amos
Broce Bobcat Sweepster
M-B Gladiator Global
Silent Knight Erskine Green Machine
Other Sweepers    


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