Heavy-duty, tough SBR rubber hoses, urethane hoses, and neoprene dipped hoses.

Zarnoth Brush can provide you with heavy-duty, tough SBR rubber hoses, urethane hoses, and neoprene dipped hoses. Typically, these long-wearing hoses you would use for municipal leaf collection, street sweeper wandering hoses to pick up debris, and municipal vacuum scavenger or catch basin clean-up. They are extremely flexible for their multi-ply strength and wire helix reinforced. Black abrasive-resistant neoprene cover provides excellent resistance to weathering, oil, and ozone.

Or you may choose a urethane hose, which are lighter to handle, puncture-resistant and will also not collapse with suction or kink. Urethane hoses are available in black or clear blue, and typically used for leaf collection, material handling and as suction head hoses on vacuum street sweepers.

Neoprene dipped hoses are also available. Some vacuum street sweepers use a ducting-neoprene dipped hose, and some leaf collector users prefer a nylon-neoprene coated hose with a protective yellow wearstrip covering the helix.

Many of the hoses you may need for street sweeping or leaf collection are stock items. Others can be specially ordered. We welcome the opportunity to assist you.