Push Brooms & Handles

Street push brooms, shop push brooms, truck wash brushes, and more

Different types of push brooms are suited to different jobs -- ranging from fine/soft bristles for sweeping dust to coarse/stiff bristles for sweeping large debris and heavy soils, or combining bristles for a dual purpose. Although all your options cannot be listed here, our most popular push brooms are:

Street push broom - 16" - for heavy street sweeping

  • Blue Bulldozer polypropylene - 4-1/2" trim
  • Brown polypropylene - 5-1/8" trim
  • Orange polypropylene - 5-1/8" trim
  • Bass/palmyra stalk (natural fiber) - 6" trim

Shop push broom - 24'' and 36"

  • Flagged grey polypropylene - fine sweep
  • Flagged border with heavy center orange polypropylene - fine/medium sweep
  • Horsehair/polypropylene with wire center - medium sweep
  • Heavy maroon polypropylene - heavy sweep

Wood handles are stocked in 1-1/8" diameter, much sturdier than the 15/16" handle also on the market. The wood handles can be tapered, threaded, or metal threaded. Typical length of wood handles are 5 ft.; but some of our sealcoating customers prefer 6 ft. or 8 ft., which we keep on hand. If you do not want a wooden handle, metal, fiberglass, or plastic handles offer an alternative.

Sturdy metal braces are sold separately to prevent broken handles on shop push brooms.

Truck Wash Brushes

Truck wash brushes are also very popular. Flo-Thru design lets the water flow through the handle (ordered separately) for a constant flow of water, or you can use it as a dip-style brush. Vinyl bumpers protect vehicle finishes. The 10" brush is densely filled with green flagged Nylex bristles. If using a phosphoric acid brightener solution on cement trucks or other commercial vehicles, we also have a 10" vehicle wash brush with white polystyrene bristles.